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Establishing the company back in 2008, we believed that you need to be flexible and agile, monitor market needs and always respond to changes of it.

Tourism in Cyprus flourished in 2008 and our main goal was to provide all tourists and local residents with the opportunity to move freely throughout Cyprus. At the beginning of our journey, only one company was created - 7777Taxi. The fleet of the company consisted of 3 cars for taxis and 6 cars for rent. The constant improvement of the quality of our services and the desire to satisfy all our clients' desires turned into the decision to create a group of companies 7777Group, in 2010, with two subsidiaries - 7777Taxi and 7777Rent-A-Car.

More than 10 years, we have been constantly developing, regularly changing our fleet and adding more and more new services. We are sure that thanks to this, the 7777Group, from a company with a modest car fleet, was able to become the leading local agency in Cyprus, with more than 100 cars for rent, and more than 20 for taxi services. Besides that, we introduced a new service - now everyone can rent a car with a driver or lease a car for a period of two months or more.

In 2019, we realized that the world is changing rapidly and we began to look on modern technologies in attempts to understand how we can transform our experience into a technological product. Right now we have developed our own CRM system for passenger transportation businesses, that is used by companies in Cyprus.

2020 has brought a lot of changes in our business and the economy of the country in general. We immediately responded to the current situation and created an additional division - 24protect, that is focused on products that can protect you from viruses and diseases - medical masks, UV germicidal air purifiers and antibacterial firms.

In addition, in 2020, another business was introduced with a focus on the business part of Cyprus. We design and sell unique paper clips with your brand logo - especially for those who value prestige and reputation.

Our paper clips are a stylish business accessory that will always attract attention and constantly work for the image of your company.
We believe that with the right people you can move mountains. Each of our employees does everything to make our clients and partners happy with our services.
Regardless of the direction of our business, we are confident that the client is a king and we must satisfy all their needs
Every year for us it is not just a date in the calendar, but also an experience that we transform into improving the quality of our services.
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Head office in Larnaca: 97 Artemidos Avenue, CYBARCO D, office 5, 6027, Larnaca, Cyprus

Branch in Paphos: 21 Ikarou Street, MARINA Complex, office 1A
8041, Paphos, Cyprus

Branch in Protaras: Leoforos Protara Kavo Gkreko 298, office 4
5296, Paralimni, Cyprus

Branch in Agia Napa: 5 Katalymaton, office 1
5330, Agia Napa, Cyprus
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