Improve your business efficiency
in Cyprus together with the CRM system-based transport company 7777Taxi

Now your company will not have to spend time looking for a reliable partner and organizing effective and well-coordinated work to order a transfer in Cyprus. Integration with the 7777Taxi CRM system will do the job for you!

CRM system 7777Taxi
Cooperating with us, you can
be sure of the opposite effect
of these indicators!
Every transport or travel company is very familiar with the following problems:
  • complex and long process of interaction with a partner for transfers,
  • the inevitability of the human factor, which means errors in orders and dissatisfied customers,
  • dishonesty of partners.
As a rule, sales managers submit transfer requests by phone or e-mail and spend a lot of time and effort on this. Fatigue and carelessness often cause annoying mistakes. As a result, work efficiency, customer loyalty, and company profits tend to go down.
Who is our offer aimed at?
Our offer will be interesting to all companies that need passenger transportation in Cyprus:
  • To broker-companies selling transfers on the Internet
  • Airlines
  • Travel agencies
  • Other companies interested in passenger transportation in Cyprus
What do we offer?
To optimize the provision of a quality transfer in Cyprus, 7777Taxi has developed a unique CRM system. Transfers on the island are different from transfers on the mainland. Our system considers all the features of island passenger traffic.
We offer partners to computerize the filing of transfer applications by integrating them with our CRM system.
How is the integration going?
Integration with large partners is possible in various convenient ways: API, XML file, Excel file, and others.
For partners with a small volume of orders, but wishing to grow up to reputable companies, it is possible to submit applications to the system through the Personal Account at the agreed price lists.
Automation of routine and long processes of interaction with a transfer partner.
Effective work of employees, saving their time, and optimizing their number.
Minimizing the likelihood of errors.



No mistake

What do you get from integration
with our system?

Improving customer satisfaction.

Loyal customers

High efficiency

Improving the efficiency of the company.

Growing profits

Increased company profits.
We will help you work more efficiently!
Your company will be one step ahead of the competition.
The integration process will not cause you any difficulties and questions. And you know why? You will not have to deal with them at all - we will do everything for you! All work will take up to 7 days.
If any questions occur, later on, call us immediately - we will be happy to answer them.
How complicated and long is the integration process?
You will be pleasantly surprised - integration with our CRM-system is FREE!
For small partners, access to our system is also absolutely free.
And this is serious.
How much does the integration cost?
•Operational order management.
•Building logistics.
•Integration with B2B partners through various methods.
•Tracking partner's execution status of their orders.
•Actual information on the status of the order and the location of the car. The ability to transmit this information in real-time to the customer by SMS and email. With the help of a tablet, each driver quickly exchanges information with the dispatcher’s office.

Features of our CRM system

Availability of all necessary licenses. If necessary, the company will submit all supporting documents.
All taxes and fees are included.
No hidden fees.

Why should you choose us?

In the passenger transfer business, many unscrupulous companies are offering inexpensive services.
The transport company 7777Taxi operates completely legally and transparently.
We never let our partners and customers down.
Our main advantages:
Client and baggage insurance for the trip.
24/7 customer support.
Own vehicle fleet. Modern cars from different classes and different capacities.
Our innovation is the availability of all monitoring systems, including tablets and other gadgets. We are the first and only one who introduced such innovation on The Island of Cyprus.
Certified, punctual, and polite drivers with many years of experience.
Integrating with the 7777Taxi CRM system, you will receive a reliable
business partner and a reliable transfer for your client in Cyprus.
Jump into business with us!
Thinking of partnering with us, but still have doubts and questions? Just call or email us! Doubts will disappear and the questions will be answered with pleasure.
+357 96748760
97 Artemidos Avenue, CYBARCO D, office 5
6027, Larnaca, Cyprus
Want to be one step ahead of the competition? Integrate CRM-Taxi for transfer in Cyprus! It's FREE!
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